On March 12, 2008 I attended my very first puppy-mill auction.  What I saw that day broke me at my very core.  The abuse and neglect of hundreds of dogs staring me in the face was life changing.  Within days, I was writing down every part of my journey with my newly rescued mill dog, Thorp.  While it seems like yesterday, it was a DECADE ago!  To celebrate Thorp's 10 years of freedom, I am offering Bark Until Heard for just $10 (plus $3 for shipping) the entire month of March.

  Please, buy a book and educate yourself and/or others on the truth behind the pet store window!


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By Jody on May 9, 2015

"So often over the years I've heard the term "Puppy Mill" used. I knew it wasn't a good thing, but little did I know just how awful they truly are. This book is written by a woman who dared to go to an auction and discovering the horror of these places and how the animals are treated as less than nothing, took it upon herself to bring this to the attention of anyone who would listen to her. She found a purpose greater than herself and devoted a countless amount of her life, while also being a wife, and mother to become an advocate for the voiceless animals. She also found a lot of joy along the way with these animals. What surprised me the most while reading this is how intentionally ignorant politicians, newspapers, and people in positions to help change wrongs to right can be. Though the topic can be hard to read about at times, the book is filled with so much information that I'm sure the general public is not aware of.

Read this book, animal lover or not!"

The author will donate a portion of the proceeds from this book to groups that rescue puppy-mill dogs and organizations that improve the lives of breeding dogs.

-Excerpt from the newly released Bark Until Heard. 

I spent most of my life doing two things: rescuing animals and writing.  Today I am fortunate to combine both of my passions and write with the intent to educate others on animal welfare.  Bark Until Heard is my memoir detailing my experience with Amish puppy mill auctions, the legislation we fought for and the dog who changed my life.  I want people to understand that their voice matters.

Meet The Author: 


​             I walked by the rows of cold, rusty cages one  last     time as I made my way out of the stacks -  imagining myself at a pet store, looking innocently into the eyes of a playful pup behind the glass, now knowing that this WAS where they all came from.

Order a signed copy of Bark Until Heard for $10 

and Celebrate Thorp's

10 Years of Freedom!


I want to celebrate Thorp's Freedom

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